About the company :
      Over many years of development, the Medical Device Co., Ltd. and Cience Ha Noi , abbreviated name is HANOIMED or MEDICAL HANOI. This has seen continued growth in the medical device VietNam's Industry. Our company was established under Decision No. 0105935434 by the Department of Planning and Investment in Ha Noi, with some areas of activity are as follows :
- Consulting, provide equipment project of hospitals and medical units .
- Produce and install medical equipment, consumable materials and chemicals in the Health - Education  Sector.
- Manufacture, sale, repair and maintain Health equipment.
- Provide aesthetic devices, cosmetics for the Spa .
- The joint venture, association, commercial cooperation between companies .
 Always keep the word " TRUST " and customer benefits  !
With taff of young, creative and dynamic, hard and eager to learn . Along the contributions of experts and experienced engineers in the medical device industry, we are proud to offer our " customers" of high quality products and quality service with  the best professional style, leaving a deep impression in the customer's mind, thereby enhancing competitiveness for customers in choosing a potential partner .
Our mission :
" Our mission is to become a trading company, distributor of leading devices in the health sector in Vietnam . The best serving customers in the market that the company had" .
Our philosophy :
Customers are the basic values ​​of any enterprise, the sole reason for existing businesses and development. Policy of " customer - centric" navigation for all company's activities .
We always listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply ours experiences, skills, thoughts to solve optimally those needs, help clients to focus on their core activities . " Every customer is a brick building the company's values ​​."
The development of the company:
- Maintaining and increasing the pace of development on all indicators: sales, market share, human resources, brand value, the number of product.
- To promote and improve the existing strengths of the company .
 - With desire to serve customers better and more thoughtful, we are always ready to receive and appreciate all customer feedback.
- All information on please contact :
Address: No. 47 , Lane 10 , The De La Thanh , Phuong Lien , Dong Da , Ha Noi
Office: Room 1610 ,Building B4, Pham Ngoc Thach St, Kim Lien ,Dong Da, Ha Noi
Phone : 04 66813416 Fax : 04 66811133
Email : medical@ytehanoi.vn
Sincerely thank you !