Máy Laser YAG Opastelle

Máy Laser YAG Opastelle


Máy Laser YAG Opastelle
Hãng : WonTech
Xuất xứ : Hàn Quốc 

Versatile, Powerful, Stable, Reliable Meet the Absolute Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser Ever

Pastelle, FDA approved, is a premium Q-switched Nd : YAG Laser that provides high power output during all the pigment procedures.
Consistent output on a large targeted area with uniform energy distribution allows safe and effective treatment, minimizing skin thermal injury and selectively destroying pigments present throughout the dermis. 
Also, PTP mode presents less pain and faster regeneration, compared to the single pulse. 


Safe & High performance for Tattoo Removal, Epidermal & Dermal pigment lesion

Provide suitable parameter which was accumulated by experience for individual procedure

Reliable steady seller qualified by FDA, CE, KFDA and CFDA

Inclusive procedures available with 4 types of Hand Piece

· Zoom Hand Piece (2~10mm, Standard)
· Fractional Hand Piece (1064nm, Optional)

The Flat Top-Hat beam profile

· Delivers even and consistent energy to target area

PTP (Photoacoustic Twin Pulse) Mode

· Less painful and milder reaction to pigments
· Less injury to the surrounding tissues and faster regeneration
· Less Hypo-pigmentation, PIH and other adverse effects

Pastelle Toning

Laser Soft Peel&Genesis

Dermal Pigment Lesions

Epidermal Lesions

660nm(Dye hand piece)

Irradiation Type Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser
Wavelength 532nm & 1064nm
Maximum Energy 532nm : 500mJ / 1064nm : 1,300 mJ / PTP mode : 1,600 mJ / Genesis mode : 3,500 mJ
Pulse Duration 4ns~(Q-Switched mode)/ 80㎲~480㎲~(Genesis mode)
Repetition Rate 1~10Hz
Spot Size 2~10mm
Lưu ý : Tác dụng có thể khác nhau tuỳ cơ địa của người dùng